Thriving in 2019: A One Day Conference to Dream, Build and Plan for 2019

Leaders and business owners face 4 problems on a daily basis: creating a relevant product or service to their client base, having strong and simple processes in place, managing and growing people to execute on the plan, and positioning themselves in a way that clients move to action on their product or service.

That all sounds simple, right? You can do all that in your sleep, by yourself and grow 200% year over year, right? Maybe, but unlikely you’d be able to do that alone for very long.

Bandura Plus works with leaders and business owners who want to get their teams to move forward together. Time is limited, funds are not endless, but for leaders who want to grow, we want to provide a platform for you to learn, grow and plan for 2019 together.

Together, our team of 7 is offering a power-packed, fun and productive one day conference to help you and your team dream, build and execute on a plan for 2019.

From this event, our goal is that you will leave feeling refreshed to finish the year strong and determined to make 2019 your best year yet (with tools and resources to make it happen).

Join us on Thursday, November 1st, from 9am-4pm at the Scottish Rite in Wichita, KS to hear from experts in 7 different areas:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Human Resource Strategies to save your company money

  • Marketing - Personal & Company Branding

  • Information and systems to scale up in 2019 with additional staff

  • Motivating my team to movement and success

  • Learning ways to save my company $$

  • Clarifying my message of products/services to my client base


Register now for yourself or your team/staff at Regular registration is $149, but Early Bird Registration for the next 30 days is $20 off - for just $129.

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