Streamline your Messaging

It's hard to take your business (complex or simple) and reduce it to a sentence or two. Everyday the average professional sees tens of thousands of words. Our brains are wired to choose which words are important or not - which ones will add value to our lives - or not

If your website has as many words as a short novel, the likelihood of someone reading all of that are slim (to none). 

The truth is - we only read what's important to us in that minute. 

If I'm searching on Google for "lawn mowing company in Wichita, KS" and I click on the first website - and I can't find how to schedule a lawn mowing, or how to contact someone to come out and mow my lawn, I'm going to the next website. And quickly. 

Your marketing material (both digital and print) need to be CONCISE. To the point. And clear on how someone can take action right away! For a lawn mowing company, the #1 way they (probably) make their money is by mowing lawns.

If I'm on that same website, and there are text blocks about trimming trees, hedge removal, snow removal, landscaping services, and I am having to read through all of that to find out how to schedule a lawn mowing - I'm going to move to the next website. 

We have to be succint to move our browsers from a prospect to a customer. If they are confused on how to order my product or by my service - they will find another website that will tell them exactly how to get what they want. 

So how do we make both printed & digital marketing material clear? 

We've compiled a quick and simple 3 step tip sheet to help you get started on reducing your words and simplifying the process. 

If you know you need help in this area, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We know you want to grow and move forward with your company - and if you've got an amazing product, amazing team, but you're struggling with the go to market positioning plan - let's connect. We've got an amazing team with Marketing, Messaging & Web Development experiences to help you execute and move forward. 

Download the "3 Simple Steps to Streamline your Messaging" PDF Now by clicking below.