• Bandura Plus is a Kansas-based company focused on helping organizations become the employer everyone wants to work for. Our passion is helping leaders, at every level, unite their team around a common vision. We recognize the greatest opportunity, and often the greatest challenge, of any business is creating the vision for the future and developing and implementing the road map to take them there. We work beside you to help your organization become more productive, more efficient and ultimately more profitable. Succession and strategic planning, performance and human resource consulting, individual, executive and team coaching, and professional development are our specialties. We are here to assist organizations to create clarity, direction and the necessary culture to grow and sustain success.

  • It’s the "HOW" we help you that makes us unique! We can “do it for you”, “partner with you” to get it done, or merely be a resource to "guide you through it”.

    We are an extension to your team, ensuring your success by providing solutions for whatever keeps you awake at night!

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    "Bandura Plus has helped us execute a strategic plan. What we thought would be possible in 3-5 years, they have helped us do in a little under a year. They helped us focus on the big picture and dial that down into actionable items."

    Tatro Plumbing

    Justin Sanchez, President

    Garden City, Kansas

    "In our organization, we place a high priority on our people and understand that people pulling together pays off in efficiencies, turnover costs, and profitability. We value Bandura Plus as an important part of our team"

    Ag Partners Cooperative

    Lacey Dalinghaus, Director of Human Resources

    Seneca, Kansas

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    Hutchinson, Kansas