developing people who develop ORGANIZATIONS


Ever feel like your team culture isn’t where you want it to be?

Your employees don’t want to come to work?

Your managers are looking for jobs elsewhere?

Can’t figure out why?

I know that you want to have an organization that’s efficient, excited to show up to work and customers knocking down your door.

To make that happen, you need a culture that’s buzzing and a strategy that is clearly in place to help you grow.

The problem is that right now, your team doesn’t understand your vision, and your employees are looking for jobs elsewhere.

I believe that leaders who work hard and have a good heart shouldn’t fail because of broken communication and employees who want to grow more personally and aren’t.

I understand how you feel as a leader - full of heart, passion and work ethic - and don’t feel like your results are showing off.

I’ve spent 20 years helping organizations create strategies to grow, increase communication and improve efficiencies in organizations of all sizes.

I’m here to help you grow, personally and professionally, and have extensive background in Agriculture team work.


Here’s what I do:

  • I help develop people to develop organizations through onsite training and one on one coaching.

What happens at an onsite training event?

  • You gather the team and I’ll come to your site and train them in leadership, communication, self-development and team development strategies to help employees feel more satisfied in their work - which in turn will help your organization grow.

What happens in one on one coaching?

  • The coaching program and process is pretty simple and looks like this:


      1. Select who you would like to begin our coaching program (hand select – or open it up to whomever would like to and allow them to participate).

    2. COMMIT

      1. Commit to 6 months of personal and professional development with bi-weekly calls (2 a month, 45 minutes each) and a commitment to spend at least an hour between the calls to work on “homework” (personal and professional development tools). (Owner signs a contract and we get started!)

    3. ASSESS

      1. Each leader (your employees) take a couple of our assessment so we can gauge their strengths and weaknesses and have a starting line to improve from.

    4. CONNECT

      1. We meet every 2 weeks over Zoom (webinar option) or Conference Call to learn, develop & grow to be a better individual and a better leader.

      2. We’ll cover topics like personal awareness, communication, how to lead (not manage), accountability within your team, how to run effective meetings, building a positive culture, building trust and more. Each will focus on the needs of the leaders’ current and time relevant struggles and will stay solution-oriented to find real time solutions.


      1. At the end of 6 months, we’ll take the assessments again to celebrate what improvements have been made and identify continual areas for improvement! At this point, you and your leaders will make a decision to re-up for another 6 months, or not. No pressure. Most of our clients at this point choose to also do our Leadership 201 class – a full day, in person to revisit skills from the coaching program and identify how we can plug these skills in to the organization.


    I’d love to connect to hear your thoughts and talk through who you think might be a good fit for our Forward Thinking Leadership Program! Myself, and our team of coaches, are excited to have the opportunity to grow alongside you and to improve your quality of work life by improving the lives of those on your team!

It all boils down to this: I help develop people to better develop organizations.

Here’s how we do this:

1) Schedule a free consultation.

2) We assess your current needs and make a plan to grow!

3) We get to work and see amazing change take place in your organization through developing the amazing people you hired!

Schedule a call by clicking HERE.

In the meantime, enjoy this free resource on 7 Culture Killers to learn how to stop these in your organization today.

You can stop worrying about high turnover, wasted money on marketing and frustration in your business - we have a plan to help you improve and succeed and we can start now!

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who could benefit from a coach or a trainer?

Small Business Owners

Leaders who need someone to talk to, bounce ideas off of and have accountability and encouragement.


Executives in small and large businesses can benefit from a personal development coach to unify their team and work towards continual growth in their organization.

Front-Line Managers

Front line managers typically feel like they are always putting out fires. Learn strategies to be more proactive and improve the performance of your team and work-life balance.

Learn more about forward-thinking leadership strategies right now.

We’ve pulled together 3 trainers from our team to provide a top-notch leadership webinar for you to access right now.

To learn more about how you can become a proactive, forward-thinking leader in your own organization, click the link below.