Lonny Geiman - Principal/Founder

I am passionate about helping business owners personally grow and drive organizational performance. I grew up with Midwest agriculture roots and understand the difficulties of balancing working in a business and the importance of strategically guiding the business for sustained success in the future. Organizations rise and fall with leadership. As an owner of Bandura Plus, I provide professional direction to assist clients in mapping out the future and developing leadership depth. I understand that for organizations to grow and get better, that development of our leaders today and the future leaders of tomorrow is the key.

lonny.geiman@banduraplus.com  |  (620) 960-8322


Joni Geiman - Administration & HR Consulting

I have enjoyed a career in human resources since my early days in the job force. I was born in central Kansas and was raised in a farm family. I continued to work in the Ag Industry, until my husband and I joined forces to birth our dream and take it to the streets. Bandura Plus provides me the opportunity to make good things happen for other people. Working with organizations, or individuals, to develop best practices allows me to make a positive difference in someone else’s life. The more I help others grow, the more I grow with them.

joni.geiman@banduraplus.com  |  (620) 285-1081


Anita Buchanan - HR and Managerial Development Specialist

Along with her MBA and SPHR Certifications, Anita brings extensive experience in human resources and management development. She is skilled at turning around struggling HR functions, streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. Anita provides managers with the training and skills they need to effectively manage today’s demanding work force. She brings knowledge and experience in Right-Fit Hiring practices and successfully implementing assessments to hire employees who will be top performers for your company. Additional services she can provide include employee handbooks, HR processes, HR risk-management processes, employee surveys, and supervisory training. Anita is a requested speaker and presents to state associations and SHRM groups on a myriad of HR and managerial topics.

anita.buchanan@banduraplus.com  |  (316) 633-2029


Whitney Proctor - Marketing Performance Consultant & Coach

When the vision is solidified, the team has clear direction and a plan is in place - customers make easier engagement decisions and employees are more productive and happy. My background in marketing, sales & leadership development has made me realize that communication and clear context drive high revenue and sales. Muddy water in the messaging = low sales, team frustration, burnout and confused customers. I can work with your company to clarify your internal & external marketing as it relates to your vision and work with the owner to implement the systems necessary to follow through. 


whitney.proctor@banduraplus.com   |   (816) 262-5319


Gail Hermesch - Coach/Facilitator

Gail Hermesch is a Certified Development Trainer, Coach, Consultant and Key-Note Speaker, specializing in creating a culture of excellence. Her leadership skills, combined with over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing, contribute to her powerful desire to help others succeed. Gail was accepted into the Forbes Coaches Council, an invitation-only community through Forbes Magazine, for leading business and career coaches.

gail.hermesch@banduraplus.com | (785) 336-1616


Danielle Basile - HR Consultant

Danielle’s talents in strategic planning and employee development through her leadership experiences in human resources, career counseling, and management services make her a valuable addition to our team.  Specifically, her experience working with hiring managers and company leaders to direct them toward successful employee acquisitions has proven to be beneficial.  Her natural ability to analyze and break-down complex problems remains valuable in workforce planning, employee training and development, and leadership coaching.  Added services Danielle provides are human resource management, assessments, employee engagement analysis and policy reviews. 

danielle.basile@banduraplus.com | (316) 617-6405


Dave Gregory - Coach

Dave's passion is helping business leaders and organizations apply neuroscience to improve performance. In addition to 15 years of experience, Dave received his formal education at Creighton University's School of Law where he earned a Juris Doctor. He is a University of Nebraska at Omaha alumni with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.



Mark Johnson - Coach 

Mark believes that in order to succeed, you need strong interpersonal relationships with clients to tap into their personal motivation and drive. Mark excels as an accountability partner for his coaching clients which results in greater implementation creating positive behavior change. He is a graduate of Creighton University where he received a B.S. in Education and a M.S.in Educational Administration.



Maureen Brauer - Coach 

Maureen is a developer of leaders. As a firm believer that “everything rises and falls on leadership”, Maureen is passionate about helping leaders understand themselves. She is also a gifted facilitator with more than 15 years of experience in business, academic, and virtual classrooms. She has great attention to detail, a drive for continual learning and growth, and a focus on empowering others for success.



Lee Pemberton IV - Coach

Lee has 40 years of experience in sales, sales training and leadership development. His life long dream is to help people pursue excellence. Lee's pursuit of excellence in talent acquisition is leading to breakthrough efficiencies which reduce time to hire, improve new employee speed to proficiency and improve performance for their organizations.