We understand how difficult it is to lead a team well - but we also know that you can do it.

We believe in you and have built resources to help you move your organization from reactive to proactive!

Start by downloading this free PDF with tools and tips to help you turn your culture around today!

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A new webinar - designed with leaders in mind!

Here at Bandura Plus, we know that you want to lead an organization that is successful and operating in a low-stress, proactive environment.

In order to do that, you need tools and resources to help your organization grow wherever you are in business, and wherever you are across the US.

The problem is that finding the right resource is time consuming, which might be making you feel burnt out and exhausted, and you may be settling for resources that may not be the best fit for you and your team.

We believe that regardless of the size of your organization, location or revenue - you shouldn’t fail if you’re giving it your all. We know that organizations fail when they aren’t pouring into their people and they don’t have solid systems.

We understand how much you want to succeed because you care about those that have trusted you (employees and customers) and you want to be as efficient as possible.

Which is why we’ve pulled together three of our trainers, specialists in their own areas, into one webinar series, to help you improve your strategic systems and strength your team.

After all, if you don’t have good systems, and you’re not pouring into your amazing team - we hate to think that your competition might be.


Here’s How We Do this:


So, enroll in our webinar - what are you waiting on?

In the meantime, enjoy our FREE PDF, “7 Team Culture Killers: and 3 things you can do today to turn your culture Around”.

So you can stop worrying about turnover, low retention and an under performing culture and instead learn, implement and begin growing like crazy!

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Business Partners

We have partnered with the prestigious Bellevue University, from Omaha, Nebraska, to provide you with an easy to use platform where the webinar is housed.

The Logistics

  • The Webinar is housed on Bellevue University’s Human Capital Lab Online Learning Platform.

  • There are three webinars (20-30 minutes/each)

  • Each webinar covers a different topic in depth with tools to help you grow today!

  • The cost is $249, with full, unlimited access for 3 months.

  • You will be able to access the videos and workbook as many times as you would like for 90 days

  • The content is intended for only one individual in an organization and the videos should not be directly shared with the entire organization without prior consent of the Bandura Plus Team.

  • For organizations that wish for their entire team to view the webinars, please review the pricing guideline attached here.

  • For questions, contact Whitney Proctor at whitney.proctor@banduraplus.com.