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Ever feel like your team culture isn’t where you want it to be?

Your customers aren’t buying?

Your donors aren’t donating?

Can’t figure out why?

I know that you want to have an organization that’s efficient, excited to show up to work and customers knocking down your door.

To make that happen, you need a culture that’s buzzing and marketing that’s clearly attracting top talent and A+ customers that refer like crazy.

The problem is that right now, your team doesn’t understand your vision, and your customers aren’t exactly sure what you do.

I believe that leaders who work hard and have good heart shouldn’t fail because of inefficient, unclear systems and fuzzy marketing systems.

I understand how you feel as a leader - full of heart, passion and work ethic - and don’t feel like your results are showing off.

I spent 5 years as the leader of an organization of over 500 and while we had our struggles, we cracked the code on how to build an environment that was encouraging, successful and together we recruited over 1,000 A+ people with high retention rates and built a customer base of over 10,000 in less than 5 years.

Now, while finishing my MBA in Human Resources, and a background in Marketing, Sales & Recruiting, I am passionate about being the tool for organizations to marry their HR & Marketing departments together to attract A+ Talent and A+ Customers.

I have received my StoryBrand Certified Guide from Donald Miller’s elite StoryBrand Certified guide program in Nashville, TN in September 2018. I use principles from a NY Times Best Selling author to help share the story of your vision to attract and retain top talent and repeat customers that refer.

To read more about this certification and client testimonials for my work, please click here.


Here’s what I do

  • I offer Fractional Chief Strategy Officer support for organizations under 10,000 employees and strategic planning consulting on an hourly basis.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does hourly consulting look like?

  • We meet, figure out problems, find solutions and we implement them. Maybe we can knock it out in a day - maybe it takes a little bit more time. But we’ll do it together and we’ll work until the problems are resolved in your marketing, HR or business development areas.

What kind of “things” can you do?

  • Clarify your vision to your team to attract better talent and retain the great talent you have (reduce turnover)

  • Help you write a keynote presentation that attracts top talent

  • Build a right-fit hiring strategic plan

  • Right-Fit Hiring training & strategic planning for HR Management and small business owners (Hiring assessments)

  • Write on-boarding curriculum for new hires and training content for existing employees

  • Management training

  • Business coaching (one on one or in group settings) (on site or over phone/webinar)

  • Write or update employee handbooks

  • Looking for something not on this list? Let’s talk!

What’s a “Fractional Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)”?

  • CSOs oversee Human Resources & Marketing and exist to be the go between those two worlds.

  • For a fraction of time, and a fraction of the cost of a full time CSO, we’ll partner together to build and execute your strategic plan to attract top talent and A+ customers.

  • Most Fractional CSO clients choose to retain for one day a week (32 hours/month) to design, execute and implement clear strategic plans for their marketing and HR departments.

It all boils down to this: I develop a strategy to attract A+ talent and customers and implement it.


Here’s what my clients have to say:

Whitney was absolutely fabulous. When I called her, I was attempting to scale in a new market. I had already sunk tons of money into a new website, some lead generators, Facebook ads, etc. I wasn’t getting the results I thought I would. In just 3 sessions she helped me redesign my site, my funnel, my one-liner, and built my SB7 framework for several client types. She’s fast, she’s smart, she gets it DONE. She even helped me build a webinar using the SB7 framework that landed 3 contracts. Results
— Chris Annibarro, Impact Consultancy (Seattle, WA)
Whitney has been helpful to me as I have worked to challenge myself to clarify my own brand message. I’m nearly ready to launch a very focused service and I’ve appreciated Whitney’s practical advice and encouraging way.
— Brian, BAR-MS (Kansas)

Here’s how we do this:

1) Schedule a complimentary consultation.

2) We assess your current needs and I will put together an improvement plan to help you grow.

3) We get to work and see amazing change happen!


In the meantime, enjoy this free resource on 7 Culture Killers to learn how to stop these in your organization today.

You can stop worrying about high turnover, wasted money on marketing and frustration in your business - we have a plan to help you improve and succeed and we can start now!

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Who needs a Fractional Chief Strategy Officer?

Small Business Owners

Leaders who are in need of a plan to clarify their vision to motivate their teams to action and increase their customer and client base.

Large Organizations

Large organizations can benefit from a CSO because they can oversee that the efforts between HR & Marketing are effective and not duplicating work.

Start Ups

Before you ever begin, have a plan in place to strategically scale, grow and develop your business. Begin with the end in mind.


what can a fractional cso do for my organization?

Save money on marketing strategies that don’t work.

Without an effective marketing plan that clearly communicates what you do, you could be wasting thousands of dollars on strategies that don’t work.

Improve retention and reduce turnover.

With an improved right-fit hiring process and a training plan in place to be ever improving your team, personally and professionally, you’ll save precious resources on employee loss and replacement.

Sleep peacefully.

Improve your quality of work life and personal life knowing that your business has a strategic plan and your team is being trained to execute the plan efficiently.